A bit about Twisted Weld

  • We are a creative and professional metalwork business with the purpose of fabricating and manufacturing as well as installing gates, railings and balustrades for businesses and the general public.

    We also produce a wide range of contemporary work including roof terraces, garden furniture, outdoor features and other unique bespoke work on request.

    Our clients include O², Headmasters, Mercedes Benz and the Royal Horticultural Society.

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Our Services

  • We are able to provide the following services with over ten year's experience.

    - Engineering
    - Gas and saw cutting to any size
    - Profile cutting
    - Drilling
    - Finishing
    - Galvanising, zinc coating, red-oxide and power coating
    - Installation
    - On-site welding / welder
    - Repairs and alterations
    - Wrought iron production

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Our keywords:
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Metal Balustrade | Metal Beds | Metal Candle Holders | Metal Curtain Rails | Metal Garden Furniture
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Metal Stairs | Metal Handrails | Wrought Iron Balustrade | Wrought Iron Beds
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Wrought Iron Gates | Wrought Iron Grills | Wrought Iron Mirrors | Wrought Iron Railings
Wrought Iron Roof Terrace | Wrought Iron Balcony
Wrought Iron Stairs | Wrought Iron Handrails

Examples of Work